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Or-Yehuda, Israel 6037607 Israel
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Infoguard is an information security company in Israel., a solution provider, integrator and consultants of best of bread worldwide technology vendors. InfoGuard is a leading supplier of software services and solutions and engaged in technological solutions and regulatory compliance guidance to customers in various projects in Israel and abroad. InfoGuard consulting unit provides experts for risk management, penetration tests, hacking and consultants with deep expertise of information security standards ISO 27001/27799 and PCI DSS, GDPR,SOC1+2 and more Our customers are from all over business sectors: Insurance, healthcare, retail, finance, public sector, government etc.

Vertical Markets
• Education & Healthcare
• Energy
• Finance & Banking
• Government
• Hospitality & Tourism
• Manufacturing
• Services
• Technology
• Transportation


Country Coverage
• Israel
• Palestinian Territory, Occupied